Create Healthier Home Air Environments through Radon Mitigation

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    Founder David Cook started the original business that would become Apostle Radon because he understood firsthand the negative effects radon gas could have on the health of his family.

    Armed with a full understanding of the dangers of radon, and the skill and ability to mitigate it home by home, he was called to create a business that would not only help families, but also help individuals with a desire to become business owners.

    Envision Your Business


    In your home-based air quality franchise’s protected territory, you and your certified team will provide a full suite of solutions to improve indoor air quality in local homes and buildings – providing services for residents, realtors, home inspectors, and business owners in your community.

    Plus, you can provide air purifiers and other indoor air quality retail products as an additional revenue stream to help you effectively build your air quality franchise business.

    Best of all, you’ll be helping to save lives, as you join an experienced team, receive professional support, implement tried and true procedures, and build a solid reputation in the local community for providing results, convenience, customer service and value.

    Certified Monitor Testing

    Interior Radon Systems

    Exterior Radon Systems

    Radon Resistant New Construction

    Crawl Space Encapsulation

    Sump Pump Installation

    Battery Backup Systems

    Sump Sealing Services

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